Sciatica Treatments

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What Is Sciatica?

The type of chronic pain people experience is not always the same. Certain forms of chronic pain can be more difficult to deal with than others. Such is the case with sciatica.

For those unaware, sciatica is the term used to identify pain related to the sciatic nerve. The specific type of pain associated with sciatica is best described as a burning or shooting sensation. It can be quite intense and can also hamper your mobility. Sciatica can impact mobility because it mainly affects the lower back and legs.

The pain and lack of mobility caused by sciatica are already difficult enough to deal with, but those are not the only symptoms you may experience. Numbness is another symptom of sciatica that can interfere with your daily life. Similar to the chronic pain caused by sciatica, numbness can also affect your mobility.

When sciatica remains unaddressed for a long time, it may start causing issues with a person’s bowels or bladder. You may have trouble controlling certain bodily functions due to your sciatica.

But how do people develop sciatica in the first place? Sciatica is the result of damage to your sciatic nerve. There is one sciatic nerve on each side of your body, traveling from your lower back down each leg. Your sciatic nerve may sustain damage from a herniated disc pressing on its roots. Bone spurs caused by arthritis can also irritate your sciatic nerve and cause further injury.

Your sciatica may not disappear unless you start taking proactive actions. If anything, your symptoms may only get worse the longer your sciatic nerve is subjected to damage. Speak to Dr. Kellins of Forest Creek Chiropractic today and choose from the available sciatica treatments in Round Rock, TX.

What Sciatica Treatments Can Your Chiropractor Use?

Chiropractors can address sciatica in a variety of ways. After evaluating your injury, they can choose the treatment option that suits you best.

Spinal adjustments can be highly effective for treating cases of sciatica. Those adjustments are helpful because they get right to the center of your injury. The chiropractor can address the obstruction affecting your sciatic nerve by correcting the misalignments in the lower section of your spine. You should experience relief not long after that adjustment is made.

Your chiropractor may also use deep tissue massage and myofascial acoustic compression therapy for your sciatica treatment. These treatment options are designed to stimulate the injured tissues around your sciatic nerve. Stimulating those tissues induces a natural healing response. That natural healing response directly addresses your sciatica symptoms and promotes faster injury recovery.

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