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Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT®)

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy or MyACT® is a non-invasive treatment that can relieve acute pain in as little as one session. While four to seven treatment sessions may be necessary for lasting improvement, one session only takes ten to 20 minutes!

MyACT® uses mechanical energy to target pain areas, compressing and manipulating the tissue to increase circulation, promote healing, and deliver profound pain relief.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors specialize in correcting your body’s misalignments. At Forest Creek Chiropractic, we customize your treatment to fit your unique lifestyle to ensure that your spine works harmoniously with the rest of your body.

Our chiropractic treatment plan will involve light stretching, corrective exercise, a healthy diet, and compassionate care, with Dr. Herb guiding you every step of the way. Book your appointment today!

Corrective Exercises

Don’t worry — there’s no treadmill involved with corrective exercises! Corrective exercises are light movements or postures to stimulate damaged tissues while correcting healthy tissues compensating for the damaged area.

When tissue is damaged, your body often compensates for that loss by asking other tissues to behave abnormally and “pick up the slack.” But compensation leads to discomfort and pain. Corrective exercises address this problem by training your motor system to function as it did before the compensation or injury occurred.


The area feeling pain is not always the area that needs treatment. Sometimes, the location of the pain is overworked or compensating for damaged tissue elsewhere.

Dr. Herb will uncover the source of your pain and discomfort to develop a rehabilitation plan that targets the underlying issue and the painful area simultaneously to help you find relief.

Our Physiotherapy Program Includes:

  • Strength Training
  • Agility Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Body Coordination
  • Range of Motion Training

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation, or electrotherapy, is an alternative pain management option. During your treatment, we’ll use mild electromagnetic pulses to relieve pain, repair tissue, strengthen muscles, and improve your circulation to promote healing.

If you want to learn more about this treatment method, feel free to call us at (512) 436-8500!

Nutritional Counseling & Supplements

At Forest Creek Chiropractic, we go beyond the typical scope of a chiropractic office. We want to help you achieve total health and harmonious function with your body! That’s why we offer nutritional counseling and supplements to help support your holistic wellness.

Forest Creek Chiropractic is proud to be an authorized reseller of 1st Phorm Supplements. Dr. Herb has been an avid athlete for most of his life, so he deeply understands the role of nutrition and supplementation in long-term health improvement.

Our supplement programs address everything from basic wellness to immune health, gut health, mobility, and pain management.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Forest Creek Chiropractic offers food sensitivity testing and dietary support using Bloodprint® tests. Your body reacts differently to every food you consume, and the Bloodprint® test measures that reaction. The test results help us determine which foods support your body’s natural chemical balance and which ones cause a toxic response.

Pinpointing these foods can help you avoid harmful foods that could be causing chronic health problems! Dr. Herb and the staff at Forest Creek Chiropractic will help you discover the right foods for your internal chemical balance so you can make the best choices for your health.

Lifestyle Advice

We care about your long-term health and wellness. And we want your health journey to continue thriving between appointments! That’s why Forest Creek Chiropractic offers lifestyle advice to help you make and maintain sustainable lifestyle choices.

Forest Creek Chiropractic addresses typical chiropractic issues and coaches patients to live a healthier life by looking at the individual as a whole — mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you want to know whether your lifestyle choices are worsening or improving your condition, we’re here to help. Book your appointment today!

Pediatric Chiropractic (Ages 5 & Up)

Your child’s active lifestyle means physical stress on their developing bodies, which can cause growth and development issues in their spine. Pediatric chiropractic can alleviate those problems to promote healthy development.

We’ll take a thorough history of your child’s health, listening to feedback from you and your child about pain or discomfort. Then, we will do a complete examination of your child's spine to ensure all areas are functioning correctly and working at their full potential.

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